Definition of Love

Finding true love today is not easy. Many people think they have found it, but soon lose it again. In the past, love was easier and everything seemed simpler and less complicated.Choosing the most suitable partner, taking into account the whole family, finances, social status, etc., was one form of love in the past.
Then passion and infatuation began to appear, and background and status no longer mattered, but strong feelings became more important than everything else.
Miluji Tě
Today, people really just do what they love. Falling in love, partnerships, and relationships quickly pass, and people are no longer driven to marry. One side argues that love need not be proven by a piece of paper, while the other explains that weddings and all that goes with them are nothing more than unnecessary expense and paperwork.
However, the fact remains that in the past partnerships were stronger and lasted longer, people did not break up or divorce so often, and family and its maintenance came first.
Ženich a nevěsta
Now in the 21st century, relationships are generally more perverse. People enjoy casual fun, date endlessly, live piled-up lives, and everything is chaotic. And there are large numbers of single mothers, women without children or life partners, and singles.
This situation is a sad sight. We trudge through life alone and suddenly realize that we are getting old and will never really experience anything or ever experience anything. Let us open our hearts to the world and live. Fall in love, be ruled by love, surrender to love. But you won\’t find that at home in front of the TV. Go out with friends, experience culture and sports, and happiness will find you.