Scientific Progress

There was certainly research in the 14th century, and there was different research before World War I, for example. Each period brought something new and surprising, and many thought that nothing more could be discovered. But they were wrong. [Science always brings something new and amazing. For example, the discovery of the atom. It seems to me that scientists deliberately discovered the atom to prove how incomprehensible I am. I myself cannot find anywhere how the atom was actually discovered, but I trust scientists that it exists. I do not understand electrons nor protons, nor how, according to the model, they fly around the nucleus without leaving their orbits, and therefore how they form solids. For example, the followingsimple explanationis difficult to comprehend. Well, let\’s judge for ourselves. The rest mass of a helium atom is ≈ 1.67 x 10-27 to 4.52 x 10-25 kg. And here it is.


Mathematics has been my enemy since childhood; I never understood any formulas. It doesn\’t matter if it\’s math or physics. I won\’t write about chemistry here, but I only knew the names of the elements because they often appeared in crossword puzzles, and I almost always solved them. But I couldn\’t do it no matter what they made me do, such as when I had to combine something on the blackboard, and even a cursory knowledge of the end of a word didn\’t help. Nye, nye, nye, nye, nye, nye, nye, nye.


But back to scientists and science itself. For example, I never understood, and never will understand, how they discovered the atom, much less how on earth they were able to weigh it. Just as, for example, I cannot understand how they could have known that the second brightest star in Orion weighed 15 times more than the sun. You know the name of that star, but if you don\’t, look it up at the end of the article. They only accept mass estimates, which is okay, I\’ll give them credit as always. But how in the world did they weigh the sun? I don\’t know the weight of such a large fraction. Besides, they must have weighed it at night when the sun was not shining. What a mystery. Now, the name of the star is Betelgeuse.