Do men have more opportunities at work?

Of course, it depends on the job and the field. It is true that men are more likely to be employed in military service because maternal instincts are not suited to war. Despite this fact, and despite the notion that soldiers must be men, one can find several women in the military who have risen to command positions over men. These women usually do not have families and live only for their work.
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When it comes to employment, women are indeed at a “disadvantage\’\’ to employers for strategic reasons. If an employer hires a woman in her late 30s with a husband, it is obvious that she will become pregnant within five years at the latest, making her unavailable to the employer for about three years. In addition, management is more likely to hire men because women are legally unable to carry heavy loads. In addition, women are more risk-averse, which is very important in some jobs and can be a disadvantage.

Wage conditions
Women are also repelled by lower wages, even though they work in the same positions as men. Most employers deny this, but it is true. Women are paid up to $5,000 less for the same duties with the same qualifications. No wonder women are very concerned about this experience. Most jobs deny this marked difference, but unfortunately the opposite is true. Women should be rewarded equally with men for a job well done. Especially if they have the same experience, education, and qualifications.
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Full equality is never achieved

The rule of nature is that women are weaker than men. Women are supposed to take care of their families and are not physically destined to do the work that men do. This fact is outrageous and insulting, but it is true. There will always be career women who do not want a family and dedicate their lives to work, but most women will always put family first and not work. And it is the same in salary, perhaps no comparison can be made between women and men.