Nordic cinema, or a step into a completely different world

If you are a fan of Scandinavian cinema, stop reading this article. You will probably not find anything obvious or interesting about it. It is for movie fans who are immaculate of Nordic cinema.
Cinema in the Far North is not specific in some ways. For viewers accustomed to Czech, American and British films, these films will look strange at best. The difference between them, as if they were not, is essentially determined. Landscapes, natural influences and personalities of people, given by the coldness and coldness of the Scandinavian region, have an irreplaceable place in their work.
kůň v mlze
The huge country is very sparsely populated. With nature, which is connected with the everyday life of ordinary people. In the more northern position, there is a constantly changing weather – from sunny spring days to autumn sleet to winter snowstorms. Summer, which is full of sun for almost 21 hours, and winter, which is exactly the opposite. People who are very reserved and do not rush anywhere, but at the same time retain a certain viking wildness. All this can be perceived by a person when visiting the northern country.
Polární záře
And this is what an attentive viewer sees, even when watching movies like Solstice and White White day. Both are characterized by a very slow plot, which is nowhere in a hurry for most films. Both films are built on the tragedy of life, the truth of solstice is that this tragedy is 3 times. In both films, the figurative aspect and the connection between the film and the landscape play a big role. And both are completed quickly and brutally.
vikingové na moři
White White Day is a private film about the death of a partner, about coping and the power to move forward. Solstice is also about the death of a loved one, but in the horror genre, of course, not an American horror story. If you want to go to the cinema to watch these films, note that the narration is different. You should take them with an open head and it is better not to expect anything. Then the movie can offer you feelings of chills, uncertainty, and, ultimately, certain frustrations. So even the movies there may seem cold and unanswered to Central Europeans.