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Tom Hodkinson is a British author and editor-in-chief of Sloth Magazine, How to be Lazy, The Lazy Parent, How to be Free, The Book of Lazy Pleasures, How to be Lazy – Doing Nothing is Hard Work, and lastEntrepreneurship for Bohemians, and is the author of many motivational books.
Tom Hodkinson lives with his family on a farm in Defond County. In his books, he explains his philosophy of laziness and doing nothing.
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Laziness is considered a terrible trait in our culture. People who want to earn a living must work. Laziness is totally inappropriate. If you don\’t work, you don\’t eat. But the ugly word laziness can be replaced by a variety of other equivalents, such as meditation, relaxation, and thinking. It is often far more effective to think things through thoroughly first, so that the actual execution takes only a fraction of the time. It is also effective to delegate many tasks to others. Some people believe that no one can do a job as perfectly as they can. By doing so, they are only exhausting themselves unnecessarily. The ability to delegate work to others is the foundation of business. People who think they have to do everything themselves should not enter the business world.
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In fact, success often lies in the ability to maintain a healthy distance, and this is true both in business and in one\’s personal life. There are happier, contented, and balanced children with laid-back parents; conversely, there are very anxious children with over-responsible parents. Certainly responsibility is very important, but there is a limit to when certain things can be left alone.
We live in a technologically advanced age. We can devote more of the time we gain from it to a life of ease that our ancestors could not have dreamed of. In fact, we are rushing along at a more hectic pace, which is almost homicidal and does no one any good.