Learning with no bullshit and play

Excursions and field trips

– Take your children to a place where they can learn something: a museum, a fortress of knowledge. Today there are many specialized museums, for example, vintage cars, horse-drawn carriages, etc. Nothing is easier than choosing the best museum for your child\’s interests and inspiring him or her to explore it on his or her own.
– If you have the opportunity to arrange an excursion for your child to a place where he or she can learn something, don\’t hesitate. In fact, it is in the field of practice where the child learns the most and gets the opportunity to develop an interest in the specifics of the field. The key is to arouse the child\’s interest. Do they like playing firefighter? Then try a field trip to the fire station or an open house day at the fire station.
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Modern teaching aids

– Magazines are an excellent source of information for children. Depending on the child\’s interests, magazine subscriptions can be given for Christmas or birthdays.
– Books can be chosen with the child. A trip to the bookstore can be a rewarding and valuable time for the child to choose his or her favorite book.

Involve grandparents

– A brief chat with grandparents can be a great source of historical information and data. Grandparents often have experienced many important phases of modern history and have much to talk about. Grandparents can also pass on their work experience and skills, teaching children woodworking, cooking, and baking, for example. Even in the kitchen, children can practice the basics of division and multiplication.
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– Rings can be used to stimulate a child\’s interest in science and experimentation. Fun science clubs can now be found in every major city, and some universities have special programs for children. Children\’s colleges focus on a wide range of fields so that children have the opportunity to explore as many options as possible and think about their future direction. The clubs also fill children\’s free time in a meaningful way and provide opportunities for further involvement with the community.