House or apartment as an investment? Yes!

All it takes to get a mobile home is a piece of your own yard, an entrepreneurial spirit, or a desire for additional income. Such an investment brings benefits that are few and far between.
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How fast is the return on investment?

According to research by several companies, especially those selling mobile homes, you can recoup your investment in as little as two years. Unless, of course, the house is rented out.
The payback period depends on whether you rent out the house all year round, or only during the summer or winter season, or during various holidays. Depending on how much you rent out your house, you can earn between SEK 5,475 and 22,584 per month.
It should be kept in mind that most of us would not buy such a house in cash or in a lump sum, but would be burdened with a mortgage, for example. Thus, we must always keep in mind the fact that for every month we do not rent the house, we will have to pay from our own income.
How do you rent?
First, you must make every effort to acquire a property and find people who will use the rental property you are offering. To this end, it is recommended that you set up a website so that anyone interested can view the house.
Even more important, however, is the presentation on portals offering accommodations. Such portals, thanks to marketing, have basically already arranged advertising because they are visited by relatively large numbers of people looking for accommodation services.
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What else?
The moment your mobile home mortgage is paid off, you will no doubt be thinking about what to do next. Of course, if you already have clients, you can continue your business of renting out space. In many cases, the space is used as an office or business office, so you may gain clients who will use the space year-round for such purposes. In any case, they could sell their homes or move in privately, thus saving the additional costs associated with previously expensive housing.