Opinions on adultery vary. Someconsider adultery to be the greatest betrayal in the world and divorce their partners without hesitation. Others see adultery asextremely unpleasant and painful, but not a reason to break up a functioning family. But is a functioning family a family that lacks mutual trust? Is that not a good family, then, but hypocrisy? That is a matter of opinion. Even the experts are not clear. Some see it as a kind of enrichment, others as a failure of the deceived.
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Yes, what is so painful about infidelity is that often the cheated party is accused of actually causing the affair by their own actions. It is truly in the spirit of “offense is the best defense. Certainly, there are cases where the partner was seeking something by his or her actions, but this is certainly not the most common case.
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How is this true for men and how is it true for women?

It is different for adulterous men and women.Surprisingly, it is women who are more likely to leave their husbands if they have an affair. Of course, one cannot generalize, and each person is completely different, but what can be said in general is thatmen are more likely to have affairs but less likely to fall in love, while women are less likely to have affairs but more likely to devote their whole lives to infidelity.
Many men consider adultery a quick distraction. Their wives suspect it, but silently accept it for the sake of family peace. This is because men are somehow aware that their greatest investment is themselves, and that those who are invested in them are usually not abandoned.
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However, it is not uncommon for these women to sooner or later reach the end of their patience and have to choose between living well or being made a fool of.
Women who cheat usually fall in love with their lovers. Yes, there are so-called women who enjoy business trips with their colleagues, but for them it means nothing. But most women take it seriously. And to no avail. Divorce due to infidelity among women is definitely more common than among men. Women forget about their own families when they are madly in love. Therefore, gentlemen, be careful that your wives do not fall in love with someone else.