How many types of keyboards are there in the world?

Keyboards. Everyone is familiar with this plastic component, and almost everyone in the world has used a keyboard. Keyboards are an integral part of our computers. Keyboards are used for typing and communicating with the computer. Keyboards also serve as aesthetic accessories. Especially if you have a gaming set and get a keyboard with adjustable RGB lighting.
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Keyboard Material
When buying a keyboard, most of us look primarily at price. Only a true enthusiast or someone with spoiled fingers would spend more than the average price on a keyboard purchase. For this reason, we choose mainly plastic ones. This is because they are light, cheap, and can be molded into a variety of shapes. However, they can compromise the overall construction and the keystroke feel itself. Plastic keyboards usually have inexpensive keys, which may not provide a comfortable and controlled typing experience. There are also aluminum keyboards. The latter are, of course, more expensive. This is partly because aluminum for keyboards tends to be used in higher-end products from higher-quality brands. Both types of these computer accessories can be purchased with so-called RGB backlighting, which can be configured by the user according to any program and the lighting method (flashing, dimming…) can be changed
Type of keys
In the past, it was common that all keyboards were so-called” mechanical”. Those keyboards made that classic sizzling sound that could be heard throughout the apartment. Today, several manufacturers have decided to return to this trend. Of course, the appearance and overall construction of keyboards has improved, but the mechanical form is increasingly preferred. The main reason for this is that the feeling of typing does not feel dry. This type of keyboard is becoming popular with gamers, who benefit from the comfort of these keys.
Another type of keyboard is the wireless or detachable keyboard. Wireless keyboards save desk space and are used by people who use their computers more as a device for movies, web browsing, and other activities. People who write long texts on their computers every day will probably not buy this type. The main reason is the battery life, which has to be replaced after a while. Detachable keyboards are mainly used in devices such as laptops and tablets. These are very lightweight and thin. Despite this, they can provide a good typing experience. Due to their size, other key functions are not available.
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There are other, crazier keyboards out there. Wooden, one-handed keyboards, for example. But we will probably have to wait for them to take over the world.