Hikuidori are exotic animals belonging to the Hikuidori family , along with, for example, emu birds. This group of creatures inhabits the rainforests of New Guinea and northern and eastern Australia. They are shy and difficult to spot because they live deep in the forest. However, they can be very dangerous when angry. So if you see one, stay calm and just watch.
mládě kasuára

What do they look like?
This individual has three toes on each foot, and its claws can be as long as 12 cm. It has hard, strong feathers that protect it in the jungle. They are also good swimmers and do not get wet. Scientists have yet to figure out what these protrusions are for, but according to many theories, they may be for breaking up branches, for fighting (like horns), for protecting themselves from predators, or they may be body parts that help them communicate.

Several species have been distinguished, one of which is the helmeted sunbird. It is the largest land animal in Australia, measuring approximately 1.5 to 2 meters (3 to 4 feet) in height. There are also the typical black-colorednorthern hikidoriand the smallest (only 1 meter) small hikidori. Thus, their diet aids plant migration and reproduction. Incidentally, do you know how they reproduce? The male builds a beautiful nest and the female lays 3-8 eggs in it after mating.

In recent years, they have unfortunately been listed as an endangered species. In Australia, its population is only 1,200-1,500 birds. Their numbers are declining in Australia due to the high level of agriculture in the country. Therefore, if we want to save this beautiful animal, we must do something.