Get rid of bruises? Laser easily and quickly

Previously it was a health problem, but now it is more or less aesthetic. Getting rid of the growth you have on your skin in the form of bruises or the growth that has grown over the course of your life is something that the vast majority of people are considering today.

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Under the scalpel for a long time you do not need

not so long ago, but only a few years ago, when the removal of the nevus was carried out only surgically.The nevus was then sent for examination to see if it was okay, with only a few stitches on the skin, and later, of course, scars. This process was a little longer and in some cases even painful.
However, modern medicine prefers to use laser vaporization to remove bruises.The laser will burn your growth completely, leaving only scabs instead, and after a few days it will fall off, leaving small scars.
Disadvantages of this inspection:
You can say 1 small impractical (but important) thing, he has. The disadvantage of this type of examination is the inability to send the nevusfurther for histological examination.So I can\’t even know if it was OK.
Advantages of this test:
Of course, there are some of them. Laser inspection is as follows:     Painless
2.     Quick
3.     Affordable
4.     Aesthetically more beautiful
5.     And a very simple
bruise or more at once, they are removed in an instant,does not bring pain to the patient.
Treatment after the procedure is significantly easier, since it is not necessary to return to the ambulance to remove the stitches from the wound site, but only to lubricate the wound with cream and take care not to expose it to sunlight. Healing is usually a quick and short focus.Therefore, almost nothing fundamental to the technique of laser removal of bruises can be blamed.

Whether to delete?

From a health point of view, getting rid of each bruise is always better. At least those that are large in size or that come into contact in places where skin and clothing are often rubbed.
You canAdversely affect nevi Prevent any discomfort that can occur at any time in life, even after prolonged exposure to the sun Any dermatologist will recommend it.