Do you and your partner live in stakes?

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Have you found a man who could be your life partner? If so, congratulations! There is nothing better than two people who have found each other and want to tackle all the obstacles life brings together.
As time goes on, you will probably be working on housing issues. Cohabitation goes hand in hand with marriage and living together in the bond of marriage. But what if you and your partner lived in a pothole for a few years? Would it affect your relationship?
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No rush to get married…

Some couples may not be so sidelined from settling down quickly and confirming the seriousness of their relationship with a piece of paper. In some cases this is true for both parties, while in others only one of the couples is postponing their marriage. There is no rule that it must be only the man, and there are women among us who have no desire to be engaged and are not driven to marry at all.
If it suits the couple and is good for them, that\’s fine. But when regret and dissatisfaction emerge from one side, the relationship goes through difficult timesand neither the man nor the woman in the relationship becomes very tolerable.

Social pressures often escalatethe relationship.

Most of the time, the older generationis very clear that when a man and a woman live together under the same roof, they should be married. Younger generations see this “issue” as a matter of free choice,and since cohabitation is quite popular, there is little disagreement.
What neither the older nor the younger generation can avoid, however, is snide remarks and curiosity as to whether such weddings exist. This creates a certain tension in the relationship and can escalate into a re-evaluation of the priorities held by the couple in question.
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Changes that occur with the birth of a baby:
1. When a baby is born, it becomes family. And the baby\’s name will be the same as his or her partner\’s.
2. For the baby\’s sake, [68] [69] [70] most couples eventually decide to have the baby come from a so-called “full family.”

3. The birth of a child transfers this special, non-marital, lifelong cohabitation to the child, who then has to face the same waves of pressure that only you have ever faced.