By any chance…

Perhaps you have had a similar experience in your life. If, like me, you have lived in the socialist era of scarcity, but also in the current era of everything being enough. This is because, even in times when everything is seemingly available, you may suddenly come across something that you desperately want or should buy immediately. For such opportunities, no matter how tempting they may be, do not always come out of the blue.
Suddenly, you see something that looks obtainable and you want it, but you can\’t buy it on purpose because you don\’t have enough money on hand and there is no one around to lend you the missing cash. And that is frustrating, as of now, and maybe once or twice in the future.
kreditka muže
Because even that small amount is enough!
But carrying around thousands or even millions of dollars in your pocket for when a tremendous buying opportunity comes along? That would not be an ideal solution either. There are risks involved. You might lose such money, it might be stolen, a careless wife might launder the money, or you might suffer other harm. And even if nothing happened, it would not be good for the individual psyche because he would have to keep a constant watchful eye on it and would not be able to fully enjoy life because of it.
Thus, at first glance, the situation is intractable. At first glance. Because there is actually a solution to this. And it is very simple.
One can always keep enough money in one\’s pocket. Even if there is no money in there, one can always have more money in one\’s pockets than one actually has. If one chooses the ideal solution. In the form of a credit card.
platba kreditkou

Such . Also, even if you don\’t actually have one, if you suddenly find yourself in the red and therefore in the red before payday, etc.
Because, with this card, unlike a debit card, you can make payments even when you are in the red. At that point, you would pay up to a set limit with the money from the company that issued the credit card, after which you would pay off the revolving balance with interest.
In other words, paying more than your account balance with such a card is not free, but it is also secure at the same time. In other words, you always have a certain amount of money on hand. Free money to spend. Unlike cash, no one can take it from you.
And you don\’t have to be in the same unfortunate situation as I am. Once, I could only watch sadly as a frenzied mob cashed in that wonderful Rubik\’s Cube. That\’s not all.