With the whole family

Perhaps the most popular ethnographic festival is the King\’s ride on the 5th month. This attracts spectators from all over the country. To honor a gang of boys dressed in costumes on horseback on a ceremonial detour through the village. When the main character is a king in a woman\’s costume. In addition to pagans, the entourage includes a secretary with a drawn saber. People in local costumes often take part in the parade. The accompanying program of this cultural event is usually filled with folk art. From songs and dances the ensemble opens the festival through the plays of local associations. For the evening sitting with Cimbalom music. Various attractions and competitions are prepared for children. There is no shortage of local specialties.

Májová Praha

1. One of the cultural events in the capital that can be visited by the whole family is a visit to a historic government villa. The open day of the Hrzany Palace is held only 3 times a year. 1 of this year\’s dates is 5 months. Especially for children, this guided tour is a good addition to history lessons. The opportunity to visit the observation deck and enjoy the place from the terrace is an unforgettable memory for many, although it was praised even by its most important inhabitants – the first Czechoslovak President Tomáš Garrique Masaryk. In the 1930s, the painter Jan Slavicek had a studio here. His most famous paintings of Prague are painted from the windows of the Hurzani Palace.

Pod širým nebem

The festival of 5 month, which is also the beginning of the hot spring season, is welcome for adults and children. The accompanying concert of Castle Guard Music is an experience that excites every family. The flying demonstration of Zayferus predators at Lednice Castle is open to all who love nature and the predators in it on 5 May. The whole park is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage. And it offers its visitors a truly special experience. Where else can I meet killer whales, eagles, falcons and hawks in one place? It is believed that this park, with centuries-old oak, green grass and blue sky, has the advantage of beauty, showing off the flight of predators around the world.