What motivates Czech women to become entrepreneurs

The main reasons for women to start a business are mostly the desire to stabilize the family, create a suitable family environment, and build their own independence, rather than the desire to reach the top of the social ladder or for career, success, or financial reasons. According to statistical data, almost 80% of Czech women entrepreneurs have decided to take complete ownership of their source of income in order to improve the distribution of their working hours; 65% of women have decided to become entrepreneurs because of their own independence, especially in the decision-making and management process of their own creations.
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In addition, women are motivated more by interpersonal relationships, while men are motivated by a personal willingness to overcome certain barriers and boundaries and prove themselves capable. Thus, women\’s entrepreneurship differs somewhat from that of men. Women also trust their intuition more, and only 15% of women have direct and creative ideas that would succeed in a predatory competition. In short, men are more predators, women are more caretakers and caregivers, and lifestyles evolve accordingly. (Of course, this is just an arithmetic number. Not all men are predators and not all women are feeble flowers.Percentage statistics speak as follows. The total is almost 45%. This covers a wide range of services, from healthy eating, to motherhood, to sports activities, to finance and insurance.

  • Cosmetics, herbal extracts and natural dietary supplements are the largest brands, with Oriflame and Avon being engaged by 13% of entrepreneurial women.
  • In-house products of all kinds, mainly food, cosmetics, textiles, and household products, are successfully marketed by 11% of female entrepreneurs.
  • Selling products via the Internet, including e-shops, is the business of 10% of women. [8% of women work as business consultants, especially in business.
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    • The arts are also the domain of 8% of women. 31]
    • Hairdressing, beauty services, and pedicures are performed by 6% of women.
    • Economic services (taxation and accounting) are provided by 6% of women entrepreneurs.
    • Only 4% of women are involved in technical fields, especially construction technology and manufacturing.
    • 4% of women consider fashion as their business field.
    • Accommodation services are run by 3 percent of Czech women entrepreneurs.