What kind of computers do we have

Today, computers are used in virtually every moment. But not just for everyday activities at home or important activities at work. They are also used to some extent in schools. In elementary schools, computers are often used for computer science classes, and they are also used in middle schools for computer science classes, programming, and accounting software. At universities, students often bring their own laptops to keep their notebooks together. Recently, tablets have also replaced notebooks, especially in elementary schools, which is quite unusual.


Now let\’s focus on the different types of computers and talk a bit about them.

A) Supercomputers

Supercomputers are very expensive, power-hungry microcomputers. Why do they consume so much power? Because they have to accept and cope with the large amount of information they process. Although these are the computers of the future, there are some who would disagree. The downside is that these computers will get very hot and will need a cooling system.

B) Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are considered the most powerful computing technology available today. Did you know? These computers can handle all kinds of information and, in general, everything that is stored on them. Unfortunately, these computers come at a high cost and have their own dedicated rooms.

C) Minicomputer

A minicomputer sits between a supercomputer and a mainframe. In most cases, they are used by only one user, who can control many specific terminals. In the past, you may have been familiar with the AS/400 series. However, these are no longer on the market because of the advent of minicomputers that are more capable of processing the information in question.


D) Desktop Computers

Everyone knows about desktop computers. They used to be in virtually every home. My parents used to not let us play games on them because they were expensive machines, something they didn\’t want us to do. Now, games are played on desktop computers in droves. And there are gaming desktops. Those who don\’t need to play games tend to use laptops. The major manufacturer is of course Apple, and many people buy their products, although they are expensive.

E) Laptops

A distinction must be made between laptop computers and notebook computers. Laptops are more for work and are often used by companies because of their superior work capacity and storage capacity. Because of their small size, they have the advantage of being portable and can be carried anywhere and anytime. Also, you can do a lot with a regular laptop and have many sizes, brands, and designs to choose from.