The Quest for Immortality

Mankind has long been searching for the so-called elixir of immortality.Thanks to it we could live forever. The first mention goes back to the Ancient Chinese era, when Qin Shi Huang sent a Taoist alchemist with 500 young women and 500 young men to the Eastern Sea, but no one went back when the alchemist tried to make the elixir of life, and because this solution often contained dangerous metals such as lead and arsenic, multiple people supported it with death.
lebka a hodiny
Alchemy was rich in alchemy. In Europe, which has a long history, the elixir of life is closely related to the stone of the Sage (it is considered an indispensable ingredient in its manufacture). Nikolas Flamel and St.European alchemists such as German are often called their producers. From the history of the Czech Republic, one should not forget Rudolf 2, who invited alchemists from all over the world, who were engaged in the production of this elixir, to his court.
lahvičky s barvivem
how about a present?
According to futurists, we are relatively close to the recipe for immortality. Dr Ian Pearson said there are more options to achieve that. But there are 1 condition: we have to live until 2050. At first, the availability of miracle “healing” is limited to the richest layers, but over the years its availability increases.
So what are the chances of achieving immortality?
1.      Cloning
– Cloning of a person or his vital organs
2.      Cyberbrain
– This thought is based on the assumption that a person\’s body perishes, but his thoughts and abilities are recorded on a hard disk and remain intact.      Nanotechnology that can replace vital organs
– Already scientists can make an artificial spleen. It will not be long before this technology is completed. Thanks to it, we can replace any organ of the human body.
4.      Cryonics
– completely freezes and thaws a person, reviving the brain so that it can be used. Currently, freezing is irreversible, but it is possible that in the future scientists will be able to bring such a person to life.
5.       Genetic engineering
– The substance would be injected into human cells to stop human aging.

In any case, we cannot be immortal yet. Now we just have to wait and see what modern science will bring to us in the future.