The Body’s Reactions to Falling in Love

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful periods of human life. Scientists often compare the state of falling in love to being drunk, not only because in these moments our brain alerts us, our common sense leaves us, and we often fall into all sorts of nonsense, but also because our body reacts in a similar way to the reaction to alcohol and drugs This is the main reason for this.
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If you think that falling in love is something that develops over time, I would lead you astray. This is because when we first see someone, our brains kick in and within a whopping 5 seconds we know if we like that person or if we have fallen in love. When we fall in love, our hormones work better and we may notice that our blood pressure is lower. This is not true if you are close to discovery. In fact, at this point your heart rate increases rapidly and adrenaline is released, which later causes you to be in a bad mood when they leave you. You will know this when your pupils dilate.
Oxytocin, the love hormone, also has many effects on the body. It starts with making you more resistant to pain, and even makes you forget things and worry that you might have Alzheimer\’s disease. Because this hormone is more prevalent in women, we women often idealize our partners and refuse to acknowledge negative evaluations from friends and lovers. Of course, you\’ve probably noticed the so-called upset stomach, sweaty palms, and how much effort it takes to concentrate at least half the time. In short, you have to think about him or her constantly, even if it takes away from a good night\’s sleep. According to researchers, women are more vocal when they are in love.
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In short, when we fall in love we become a bit stupid and stalker. If we are not kidding ourselves, we must also admit that people are simply jealous by nature. During this period, your loved one probably won\’t recognize you, and you probably won\’t recognize yourself, but you can consider it a compensation for the fact that the world will suddenly seem much more beautiful to you.