The Basics of Using Instagram Effectively

Biography or “Bio”.
This is your business card that introduces you and your business or company. Introduce yourself in a way that leaves no doubt in the user\’s mind. bio” is limited to a maximum of 150 characters, so keep it brief and to the point. Since Instagram is designed as a photo gallery, add a few “emojis” and be casual without being shy. Your profile will be more colorful, attractive, and impressive.
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It is definitely a good idea to at least include your email address so that followers can contact you immediately. Also, don\’t forget to include a link to the website you are managing or promoting.

Words that are keywords with the help of a grid. They facilitate searching for photos and make profiles and individual photos more searchable .
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Users tend to be accustomed to perfection and inspiration. If you intend to use this social network as a promotional tool, you need to be original and share quality content.
In the best case scenario, take pictures with a good camera, unify the style of your feed (all pictures need to match each other, especially in color, on the main page of your profile), and decide what you want to convey. If you like nature and want to share travel and travel tips with your followers, post mostly nature and interesting places. If you like food, take pictures of food and add recipes. In short, do what you love and are best at.

There are many quality Instagrammers with thousands of followers, and they are good advertising partners for you. These are primarily bloggers, vloggers, or celebrities, commonly referred to as “influencers. If you need to promote a brand or a particular product you offer, they will be happy to help you with monetary rewards or even banners. Some brands will work with influencers for cross-promotion, but it all depends on the specific agreement. It is definitely a good idea to try this option. It tends to be most effective and beneficial for both parties.

Activity [33].
Be active. Decide how many times a week you will post and stick to a set number of days. Your followers will know to look forward to seeing new photos on your profile on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for example.

Comment and reply. Follow interesting people and reply to their posts. Enter and tag them in contests. Reply to comments under your own photos and reply to messages you receive. Communication is important!

These were the most basic tips for using Instagram effectively. Of course, everything takes time, and first and foremost you need an original idea! So don\’t hang your head if your account doesn\’t get hundreds of followers in the first few weeks. Do what you love and don\’t give up!