Prague Culture

After all, it is the capital city, so there is a lot of cultural stuff to see.
National Museum
The most famous museum that everyone has heard of, built in 1818. Here you can see a variety of collections. It is located at the top of Wenceslas Square. One of them is the library, which houses manuscripts and old prints. And if the exhibits in this museum are not enough for you, there are many other museums throughout the Czech Republic.
pražská knihovna
National Theater
Like the National Museum, this is the most famous theater in the Czech Republic. The building has a rich history, which you will surely learn more about after your visit. Currently, there are four stages: the Prague State Opera, the New Stage, the Estate Theater, and the Zhitkov Building. In the past, there was also a stage at the Kolowala Theater, but it is no longer in use. During its operation, the museum had 20 directors.
Prague National Art Gallery
This building houses the largest art collection in the Czech Republic. Its main mission is research and development, which it further disseminates. It is just a complex and tangled web, but there is a breadth of ethnic spirit in it. It may seem boring to some, but there are people who like fine art and care about it. So I don\’t recommend it for everyone.
City Hall zimní noc v PrazeIt used to be the court of kings. Built in 1830 by the famous Charles IV, so it is one of the oldest buildings in Prague. It is an interesting building because it was the residence of important kings and rulers, such as George of the Poděbrady family. Inside, there is a concert hall that can accommodate an audience of 1,200 people.
zimní noc v Praze

Prague Spring Music Festival
Many artists and orchestras showcase here every year. The festival is held annually on May 12, the anniversary of Bedřich Smetana\’s death. The festival commemorates the anniversary of both the composition and the composer. The festival is also dedicated to nurturing young talent and holds a performance competition for them.