New or old house

Choosing the right property for permanent residence is often a major challenge. However, the final decision must be based on a number of considerations
§ The first of these is undeniably price, which can be the final decision
§ Another aspect is the layout of the apartment or house.
§ Accessibility from the place of work is also important.
§ The surrounding amenities (schools, daycare centers, stores, doctors, etc.) are also important
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Taking into account all the aspects that are most important to you and critical to your choice, you may find that you end up having to lower your expectations or dig deeper in your pockets. The more attractive and popular locations are of course the most expensive in terms of real estate prices, and developers are very aware of such attractive locations.
If you have the necessary funds and intend to use the property you are buying for a long time and then pass it on to your children, then new construction is the right choice. Everything is new and modern, and you have the advantage
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of not having to wait for renovations or repairsbefore moving in.
In short, living in a new building brings many undeniable advantages . With the fact that you will pay more for such a new building, you will not have to invest almost nothing in renovations or repairs to the property in the next few years.
Another advantage is that if you are looking for a housing project that is still under development, you can choose better designs for interior finishes, doors, baths, and toilets. However, one must wait a month, if not a year, for such an apartment.
However, apart from the financial requirements, there is no doubt that living in a newly built property is more beneficial than anything else and is definitely worth the investment. After all, who wouldn\’t want to live in a new building? So if you come across a property that is affordable and in a location that suits you, don\’t hesitate to choose it.