New Application Monitors Food Quality

Catchy advertising messages and pleasant, attractive packaging can be somewhat confusing and even misleading to today\’s consumers. They may convey nothing about the quality of the product, let alone the possible ingredients. To date, it has not yet been possible to obtain information about the food in question from freely available sources. Now, a new mobile app specially developed for this purpose helps.
Ovoce a zelenina

Do you know FOODGROOT?

It is called “Foodgroot” and comes from Czech meadows and grovesIt is a database of food productsand contains various information about their quality. The data stored are quite detailed, allowing one to examine, for example, the techniques used in production and processing, ingredients including additives, origin and transport times, quality certificates, etc. In addition, perhaps the most important item, the user\’s evaluation, can be a major factor in the decision-making process.
The app is publicly available anddesigned for “smart” phones. All you have to do is use them toread the barcode of a particular food product. You will then be given an overall overview of the quality of that food, as well as a rating and comparison to other foods in the category. However, it is also possible to search for foods without barcodes. For this purpose, a full-text search
can be used.
Mobilní aplikace

can be added.
Users can also add their own information to the database. Items are rated from 0-100% and color-coded from red to green based on this. At the moment, the information uploaded to the application comes from outside companies working with manufacturers.

There are plans to expand the application to other countries

At the moment, the application only works for the domestic market, but there are plans to expand to other European countries, as well as to Asia, Australia, and the United States. The evolving digital system may eventually also offer augmented reality in the form of displaying data by simply looking at the desired barcode instead of scanning it.