Men and hygiene

Hygiene was once not a male concern. What tiresome nonsense, but perhaps it did not apply even a few years ago. Who would find smell and filth attractive? These days, hygiene is extreme. On the contrary, some magazines and websites encourage men to be cleaner than women. As with everything, the motto “everything in moderation” needs to be followed. Men, you don\’t have to be cleaner than your wives. But…

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Amazingly, even today, with education and advertising everywhere, many men are slowly losing the meaning of the word hygiene. On the other hand, advertising has made some men overly attentive to hygiene, and their cosmetic shelves are often much larger than those of women. But there is no need to exaggerate, because the world is not black and white. But it doesn\’t hurt to shower and use deodorant, so everyone should stick to the basics.

Hygiene is not a science
The principles of hygiene are taught in elementary school, so for many adults it is hard to see why they matter. Yes, uncleanliness can be found among women, but women have not historically been taught to take care of themselves. On the contrary, many older women\’s magazines appealed to them to take care of themselves and please their men. How ironic that a woman should be clean and fragrant, yet unable to please a man who does not need to take care of himself.

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Showering, brushing one\’s teeth, and trimming one\’s nails should be the absolute basics of what everyone does for themselves. There is no reason to neglect hygiene, as it is not difficult and even small children can do it. Gentlemen, you don\’t have to smell like a walking perfume store, you don\’t have to wear makeup, but you do have to protect yourself, no matter how old you are. Don\’t forget to take care of your body, because you won\’t like a woman with dirty nails or stiff heels either.