Living room lighting

Nothing represents a home like a living room. It is a place where people rest and also accept visitors. The device itself should not be neglected, worn out or outdated. On the contrary, the room will definitely need to breathe a comfortable atmosphere, fine-tuned with the smallest elements, including lighting.
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However, the lighting of the living room should not only perform an aesthetic function, but also a practical function, illuminating the entire room. After all, no one wants to sit in a dark and dark room that spoils a good mood.
It is no longer true that the only lighting in the living room is the central chandelier. It is much more convenient to choose several lamps arranged around the room, so that the amount of light can be adjusted variably for a particular situation. Visits and other social situations, for relaxation, deserve more light and look at the light, is better mute light.
1 main lamp is still preserved, with the difference that it is supplemented by other light sources, depending on the dimensions of the room. For rooms with high ceilings, pendant lamps are suitable, which will provide lighting for the entire room. In a large room, you can add wall lights, floor lamps, etc., while in a small room a central light and a table lamp will suffice. These secondary light sources provide a more intimate atmosphere at times of well-being and relaxation.
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There are many options that anyone can choose from. Individual types of lights are in harmony with the pattern and design, so together create a comfortable whole. There are led lights and fluorescent lamps to choose from. LED lights are remarkably economical and therefore suitable for places where they are lit for a long time.
The light in the living room should not be too strong. Since the room is used not for work, but for relaxation, it is recommended to use a light of such shades that evoke a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, which makes the light with a touch of yellow color called “warm white”.