Living Culturally

Winter and the abundant snowfall that accompanies it are a joy, especially for children and, of course, skiers. They all literally look forward to the winter season and it makes them happy. Of course, I wouldn\’t include myself in this group, but if I have to suffer through cold, snow showers, freezing winds, and icy conditions, I bet I count every day and look forward to the days when the weather gets better.
modrá opona

If right now your mood is below freezing and the snow-covered cityscape you can see from your window is slowly driving you into melancholy, it\’s time to do something about this unpleasant condition. Even if it\’s not sunny outside and the weather is not conducive to enjoying a walk, there\’s no need to stay home and get bored watching uninteresting TV shows. Go outside and enjoy the culture! There are many ways to enjoy winter without being bored and to make the cold days more pleasant.
Theater is always a cultural experience. An interesting hint is the political debate in the progressive stage “Studio of Heroes,”“Majeur, an actor and carpenter, talks about the current state of his country.We look forward to an interesting production that will enrich our senses and broaden our horizons. The discussion of the Czech Republic and the Czech people is more topical at this time. The author is David Zerblansky and the director is Kamila Polivková. The fact that Stanislav Magyar\’s performance has won several awards is a guarantee that it is a good performance.
Do you like comedies? Then I invite you to British playwright Martin MC Dong\’s “KATI,”a detective comedy directedby Jan Fritsch. You will enjoy this suspenseful tale of a family of executioners who, along with their wife and daughter, open an inn for over two hours. Like all new inn guests, you will be taken to an English pub, where you will be entertained by the hangman\’s memories, surprised by interesting conversation, and no one will be surprised when you freeze at the sound of a stone being thrown. And while the executioner is a tough guy, he is also human and has secrets. Courtesy of Creeper Theatre.
čekání na představení
The literal hot tip for moviesFifty Shades of Freedomis the sequel and final chapter in the famous trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. This time we also meet rich Christian Grey and his partner Anastasia Steele. How will the complex erotic story of this couple in love unfold? Will Christian Grey reveal all his secrets and come to terms with the shadows of his past? For a thrilling experience, go see this bestseller in the cinema! And make this Valentine\’s Day even better.