International Women’s Day

International Women\’s Day is a holiday recognized by the United Nations to mark the anniversary of the New York tailor strike. The spring demonstration of 1908 for women\’s suffrage was held in New York on May 8. Brezno and to this day this day is a symbol of equality of women around the world. In 1911, this holiday was celebrated for the first time in Europe. Austria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland. More than 100 million people have demonstrated for the abolition of discrimination against women in the workplace. During the First World War, the date was 8. Marches related to anti-war demonstrations. In Russia, it was under the slogan of bread and peace. It has its origins in the United States and Western Europe, but it is still remembered in many countries of the former socialist bloc. In our Republic, this holiday was associated with communist customs, so after 1989, the celebration of Women\’s Day fell into oblivion, when a woman received a bouquet of red carnations and a male colleague was celebrated until the morning. This is an act artificially created by past administrations. It was only in 2004 that International Women\’s Day returned to our calendar. Included in the important days. The theme of this celebration is 21. The motto of the 20th century is to think equally, build smartly and innovate for change.

Ženská nezávislost

At the moment, the way to stand up to this holiday is different for each individual. Women will definitely enjoy flowers on this day. It is possible to plan activities for this international holiday, if her male counterpart gives himself a job. It can not only make a woman happy, but also become a shared experience for both of you. 1. One of the most romantic gifts is adventure flight. This already operates the airport in eight places in our homeland.

Dárek ke dni žen

So you just need to choose the nearest menu. Thanks to the camera, which is usually located on the wings of the aircraft, video recording can be made on the SD card, even after this unusual experience. Another option to enjoy this holiday together is a visit to the massage parlor. With a range of unique treatments to relax not only the whole body but also the crowded mind. If you like delicious food, the ideal place is a visit to a famous restaurant. The best thing that can boast two Michelin stars. And the compiled 11-course menu will convince you that you can discover real art even in gastronomy. A glass of high-quality French wine can finish the afternoon of the 3rd month of this celebration on the occasion of International Women\’s Day.