How to choose the right front door

Choosing the right front door is not an easy matter at all. An important factor is that it meets not only the nature of the house or apartment, but also all safety standards. You can choose from a plethora of ready-made doors. We offer a wide range of designs, colors and materials. If you still do not choose from the finished doors, you have doors made to order exactly to your taste. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that the purchase price of the door will rise. Make sure the door meets all safety, fire and insulation standards.
Pay special attention to ensure that the door has a solid and durable stand-alone structure. Additional safety features are also important. For the entrance door, another important point is to pay attention to thermal insulation properties.
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Not sure what material to choose?
The market offers doorswooden, plastic and aluminum. Materials can be combined.
Wooden doorsrepresent the best traditional classics. They represent high quality and many good quality. When choosing quality wood, good care and maintenance will last up to a decade. It is made from many kinds of wood and wood imitations.
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Aluminum doorsare quite expensive, but at the moment they have become a fashion trend. They are made with a timeless design, so they are suitable for modern new buildings. An indisputable advantage is excellent durability, durability and excellent thermal insulation properties, so their use is also suitable for passive houses. They are resistant to harmful external influences.
Plastic doorsare characterized by acceptable acquisition values. Compared with wooden doors, the purchase price is half that. In the assortment of plastic doors at the entrance, when choosing, you need to reach for the door with a filling made of special fiberglass GFK. From previously manufactured plastic doors are very well insulated, not only a very durable material, but also the structure.