Fatter women succeed and compete with thinner mannequins

You may have heard of “mismatched couples” in your local area, where a small, thin man chooses a woman with a fuller figure and larger breasts. This phenomenon is not unique; it is common. Why would some men find such a partner ideal if they are not impressed by a catwalk mannequin? Researchers at the University of Westminster are trying to answer this question.
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For years, scientific experts have believed that small-looking men instinctively reach for stronger mates in order to survive. This is a natural evolutionary phenomenon and only proves that sources of food and sex have always been essential indicators for humans. Thus, emaciated individuals approach stronger females because they are aware of the availability of food sources. This has been true for centuries and this phenomenon is still embedded in our genes today. Refrigerators burst open in most homes, and people generally do not starve.
Nevertheless, a scientific team decided to conduct an interesting experiment. They asked about 120 men to evaluate women in photographs with different body proportions. Half of them were tested immediately after a hearty and tasty lunch, while the other half were asked to take the test in a starved state, having eaten their last bite before 6:00 am. The results were astounding: nearly all of the hungry volunteers endorsed the girls\’ bodies.
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The hormone oxytocin

However, male desire is not so simple, as it is influenced by many other factors, such as the hormone oxytocin. This is secreted during sexual activity, but it also suppresses appetite. The end result is that hungry partners find plump women more attractive, while full men choose very thin women as their ideal partners. This is reflected in human history. In times of economic boom and abundance of raw materials, slender gazelles were prized; in times of “belt-tightening,” men tended to choose women with more body fat as mates.