Culture for all

My friend was never a cultural person. Unlike me, he hardly disliked anything. My boyfriend might just go to a pub or a place where there is a restaurant where beer is the main attraction. As a matter of fact, I like culture. And I don\’t know what I like about beer. I don\’t know anyone who doesn\’t like beer. I tried the beer and almost spit it out. It was bitter. That has nothing to do with culture. To be honest, I was really upset that my boyfriend didn\’t want to go to the cinema with me. I\’m the type of person who really likes the theater and wants to go every month. Unfortunately, I don\’t enjoy going alone. So I put an ad in the newspaper saying, “I\’m looking for a culture lover to go to the theater with me.”

Nerada jsem sama.

And I was happy when some people contacted me. I picked some really great women who love the culture as much as I do. And we both had one thing in common: we both had partners who didn\’t like any culture. We might just drink beer in a pub. And I\’m glad I not only found a cultural partner, but also a great friend. It\’s been three years now and I must say that my new friend and I have traveled all over the country and probably been to every theater. I must also say that without culture, I would not have found these wonderful friends. Do you prefer to go socially or culturally? 21]

Taky přírodu mám ráda.

I have been going to the theater regularly since school, mainly to the cinema. Of course, as children, our favorite theater was the cinema, where we went to see cartoons. Later, I liked movie theaters more because I liked the way the actors tried to involve everyone on the board. I think this kind of culture should be appreciated more. It is certainly not an easy thing to do. Or can you handle acting in the theater?