Crop rotation with crops according to the zodiac

For example, plant a row of carrots in one bed, a row of lettuce next to it, and a row of peppers next to it. Then the farmer tells himself that by the time the peppers and carrots are big and ready for harvest, the lettuce will have long been harvested. Of course, lettuce does best when plowed and hoe\’d on leafy days, according to the cosmic constellations. When tending your favorite lettuce in a bed, you can easily get into the roots of the carrots next to it, especially if the carrots do not like to be tended on leaf days, but prefer to be tended on root days. Alternatively, one can reach the peppers on the opposite bed, which also need to be tended to on their fruiting days. This means that some plants cannot be cared for at the right time of year, either by leaving enough space between the different vegetable rows or by following the cosmic constellations.


In order to avoid and eliminate these problems, it is in any case recommended that the different varieties of vegetables be arranged in strips, with the necessary spacing between them and next to each other in the flower bed, and that vegetables be grown and maintained in this way. Above all, however, one should be aware of how the rotation of different crops is done and how to start sowing each in the spring, as has been practiced and recommended for many years according to biodynamic agriculture and anthroposophy.


These rules should also be followed in the greenhouse. The ideal picture of how the crop seasons change can be found directly within the plants themselves. This process manifests itself in a kind of fivefold structure, in which the plant wants to have the option of roots, flowers, leaves, seeds, and fruits over the years. We can find this impulse in the orientation of the universe by the energies of the constellations. Here, the rotation of the plant harvest appears as an organism and the individual constellations as organs. Comparing this to the human case, we can say that we are talking about an organ system.