Can repair damaged paint at home

Scratched paint may seem like a trifle to the layman, but it certainly isn\’t.Especially if you care what your car looks like. Such a remote repair is also usually not a matter of tens of crowns, but it can be quite expensive, especially if you entrust the car to quality service. But in most cases, it is not necessary to immediately call a specialist, but with a little effort you can do this repair yourself.
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Three layers

Vehicle paint mainly consists of three basic layers. The first is visible and the second is invisible. The first layer is applied to the bare sheet and works similarly to the first coat on the wall. It is the base layer. Next, the 2nd layer of shade is applied to it, which appears only at first glance. The third layer serves as a protective barrier from sunlight and acid rain. Above the protective layer is a layer of wax. It is very thin and acts as a shield against scratches. However, when 2 cars collide, in most cases the wax does not last and allows the paint of the 2nd car to reach the 3rd layer, which is not terrible, but at the same time it does not look very aesthetic.
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How to remove paint from another vehicle?

The next line is intended only for drivers whose cars have suffered only minor paint damage and have not scratched half of the bodywork. For example, you can remove the paint from the 2nd car using a special scratch remover, which you can buy in the car cosmetics store. Carefully rub the product into the wound and let it work. But do not apply it with an ordinary towel or cloth, you can aggravate the whole situation. The most suitable is a special towel made of fine microfiber, which is soft and does not further damage the varnish. Even if this procedure does not work, you can try the WD-40 spray, which is used to remove rust. The spray needs to significantly soften the colored groove, it still needs to pass with a sponge.