Books as man’s best friend, or the gift that never offends

Christmas is all about books and books. Today, it is an invaluable gift. First of all, books are not the cheapest thing today, and above all, they are a gift that fulfills the human spirit. Sometimes it enriches life, sometimes it provides useful information, sometimes it brings brand new knowledge, etc., depending on the type and type of literature.
zlatá šňůra
Book Tips as the Ideal Christmas Gift

  1. The Price of Blood (Dick Francis) – This book is intended for horse racing enthusiasts and horse lovers as well as followers of the late author. The main character, Gene Hawkins, is often involved in crime, but is not immune to potential horrors. Since the death of his wife, life no longer has a meaning for him. The only reason he lives is to fulfill his professional obligations, and thus this is a real escape from depression for him. So he is called to a case where his friend\’s rare pedigreed dog has gone missing. How will the protagonist cope with the situation and catch the culprit?

  1. Mad Reproaches(Liane Moriarty) – by the author of “Seven Lovers” (which was also made into a serial). This novel will see the light of day before Christmas. Especially suitable as a gift for women. The main characters, Erica is an accountant and Clementine is a bohemian who makes her living as a cellist; they have little in common, but they are best friends. Everything changes suddenly one day when they are invited to a barbecue at a neighbor\’s house next door to Erica\’s. Will something so horribly unforgivable happen that everyone will regret having attended this outdoor fun? And who is responsible for all of this?

  1. Veronika in Dubai (Veronika Klesnilová) – Travelogues entertain and enrich our lives. And who wouldn\’t want to know more about this beautiful metropolis, especially from the mouths and pens of the flight attendants who know this destination so well? A Czech woman who got her dream job and decided to share her experience and knowledge with readers. 31]

[34][35][36][37] Northern Waters [38] (Ian McGuire) – Here are some insights, big and small, about history: in the 19th century, a whaling ship took a killer sailed for the North Pole with a murderer on board. This is a very unique take on a gritty story that allows us to see how far the human soul can sink. All of this is surrounded by a chilling environment. Mysterious and intelligent, this novel delivers a story about the human condition. The question that remains is, who will survive and live to see spring?