Behind makeup masks

Some people think that women are some concept. They fight all the time. They are slandering each other. They were angry with each other for a long time. They like to spend money on expensive clothes. They are painting. They rarely eat and pay attention to a healthy diet. A woman does not feed the family, she is supposed to take care of the children at home and cook. There are a lot of other more or less established stereotypes, you will definitely supplement yourself with many other things. Let\’s see what is really hidden behind the makeup mask.

When they argue, they are angry with each other for a long time.This is often said about women, but it may not be entirely true. Everyone knows a woman or girl who can argue with her friends, sometimes fight, and even have a normal conversation with her after 30 minutes.

dvě kamarádky

The woman belongs to the family, and her task is to cook and take care of the children.That\’s hardly the case today. A woman has a job, a hobby, a hobby, but not just the duties that arise in housework. They can often show a different view of problems in a purely male society.

They like to spend money on expensive clothes.Yes, some do, but certainly not all. I have a lot of friends who hate shopping, and I\’m assuming you\’ll find it in your neighborhood. Women can manage money, and many can forgive themselves. Not every girl needs to have the most fashionable dress, but it will not wear anywhere anyway, and must have expensive brand mascara. It is important for a woman to take care of herself, but she does not have to spend the whole day in front of the mirror.

They paint.Not every girl likes to spend hours in front of a mirror to make her eyeliner perfect. Every second person will tell you that they prefer to sleep half an hour longer in the morning. Regardless of gender, everyone has different priorities.


They rarely eat and pay attention to a healthy diet.Of course, many women spend their whole lives trying to maintain a perfect figure and don\’t even have extra pounds. It can often happen that she sticks to a dubious diet, but it should be remembered that this is not just a woman\’s problem. When you walk to a fast food restaurant, you are more likely to see both sexes in abundance. The truth is that in health food stores, most women buy, but most eat regular portions. There are many women who drink beer these days.