Be healthy – avoid stress!

You say to yourself: “I need to work 15 hours a day! Answer: do I need to work 15 hours every day? It goes without saying that it is illegal. Be brave, think about what you need to tell your boss, wait for the right moment, and present your situation. You work a three-person job, you work overtime every day, and you need a day off. Summarize your arguments and put them to your boss.

žena ve stresu

Don\’t let your boss step on your toes, you are not a psychic, you are “just” a person blessed with normal health. Try to explain to your boss that you can only be useful to him if you are in good health. And recently you have already begun to feel your physical fitness deteriorate. You can work, but not under normal conditions, and certainly not for long periods of time with some co-workers. Stress is a killer, and it lowers your immune system.
Immunity is the foundation of healthand needs to be strengthened, not intentionally weakened. After a conversation with your boss, you will be free of uncomfortable tension and will surely arrive at a healthy compromise. Allow your body to relax further. Go for a walk in the afternoon or, if you wish, in the evening. Just walk, feel your body as you feel it, don\’t think about anything, let your thoughts flow freely. Be here now. If you can, go into the woods and just look. The greenery is invigorating and relaxing.

seznam esenciálních olejů

There are many health benefits. Breathing fresh air, oxygenating the blood, clearing the lungs and head. At home, take a hot bath, add a few drops of essential oils, light an aromatic candle, and relax with soft music to complete the cleansing process. Choose natural essential oils such as eucalyptus, spruce or pine if you already have a cold, or orange if you want to relax. Ylang-ylangis even considered an aphrodisiac,making it special. It relaxes, calms, and harmonizes cells throughout the body, making it suitable for bedtime. A pleasant aroma is felt, and calmness spreads throughout the body. Congestion and tension will dissipate, and you will sink into a state of bliss and greet the new morning with joy and anticipation.