Are you giving your beard what it really needs?

Lucky you, with a beard that matches your facial features and overall personality, you can certainly be satisfied… But what about the beards themselves? Are they satisfied too? If you are taking the same care in the shower as you do with your hair or using the same type of shampoo as your hair, you are making a big mistake. Hair products usually contain degreasing agents that are harmful to beards. On the other hand, for beards, the oils contained in beard-specific soaps, which can also be used for the whole body, are effective. And how should one care for one\’s beard after washing it?
žínka a ruční kartáč
-As a rule, do not dry it with a hair dryer
-Cut small pieces around the lips regularly with scissors and use a trimmer with an attachment for overall grooming
-To soften hard, frizzy beards, use oils that moisturize the beard. (e.g., argan oil or cedarwood oil)
. Waxes strengthen and moisturize the beard as well as help hold the beard in place. Waxes come in a variety of weights and usually have a natural woody scent.
– Beards require regular brushing. This is the only way to maintain the necessary shape and shine.
High quality brushes with natural bristles are available on the market and can fulfill the above requirements. Folding styling combs made of bone or wood are useful when traveling or on the go. Especially after meals, they can help remove crumbs
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. If you want to look a little more luxurious, use interesting steel jewels in the shape of clips or braids, or dye them a different
shade. If you\’re in the mood to slack off a bit, leave it to a barber to get your beard perfectly groomed.