A miracle called water

Drinking parties

We all know that the drinking regime should be observed, this principle of proper nutrition has already permeated young children, in addition, our bodies do not have accidental thirst reflexes, after all, animals in nature also do not walk around the forest with a calculator to measure the amountwaterthey still have to drink. I don\’t know.
But drinking is not easy in areas where the Sun makes the Earth\’s surface red and water is worth more than anything else. Such an oasis in the desert is balanced by gold, even in this environment, the price of gold has only relative value. For example, this can be achieved even during a vacation in the Canary Islands, where the drinking water of the trading network is even more expensive than boxed wine.

vlna oceánu

3 minutes 2 of the surface of the planet

Like the human body, life-giving fluids are represented on the surface of the planet in a ratio similar to that of the solid state. 3/2 of the area consists of sea, sea, lake, pond and river flows. And we humans can observe a variety of life forms, not only on land and in the air, which are natural for us, but also under the surface.

Water sports

Water polo, windsurfing, yachting, swimming, rowing, canoeing, diving, synchronized swimming, diving, water skiing – all of these will be impoverished and the world will be a barren wasteland. We spend holidays by the sea, bathe no one, boaters ride Belounka, Michael Phelps is not a world record holder, admire the house of Yakub Krushin in Yerchani, Tシebos, and at Christmas we have to be satisfied with the dried turkey at the table on Christmas Eve. It is not.
vlny na moři


If after using the toilet, before eating, and after sports activities could not be washed, what our life will look like, but if we are bedridden, at first it will be accompanied by an unbearable smell and eventually succumb to infection. The lack of quality water sources and the problems of waste and sewerage are typical of the Middle Ages, and it is certainly no coincidence that at this time deadly epidemics spread en masse among people.