3 Tips for Satisfying Sex

1. communication lesbická předehra.
One of the most widely discussed questions on the Czech Internet is how to have perfect sex. There are lengthy discussions about what position is best, how to bring your partner to an unforgettable orgasm, or what is the best place for intimate intercourse. The answer to these questions is very simple: communication. In theory, warm communication should be the basis of any relationship or one-time intercourse. You should agree with your partner how you will do it, what you like, and when it is possible. In reality, it is quite the opposite. People don\’t talk to each other, push into the sexual act, and then complain after the sex is over that it was worth the trouble. Couples in love guess what the other wants and take their chances. As an unbiased man, I ask. Words solve everything. Words answer all question marks and fantasies. I know it is not always that easy, but we men have a different view of the world than women. We don\’t have telepathic powers, so we need to be taught everything. We need to talk to each other and work things out. Ninety percent of disagreements are resolved through verbal connections alone.
lesbická předehra

2. protection
Relaxed sex is much better. Men will experience some discomfort, but the sacrifice is perfectly acceptable at the cost of peaceful intercourse without fear of conceiving a child. Use condoms for men and contraceptives for women. A layer of latex may not protect you 100% from the “unexpected bonus” of passionate lovemaking, but at least you have a better chance than being unprotected. You can feel safe, relaxed, and ready to take the next step toward great lovemaking.
pár v posteli

3. try something new

It is common for two people\’s intimate moments to become stale. Sex becomes routine and the flames of love, fun, and desire are missing. The solution to this is to experiment. Agree on what you want to try, what you desire, and what you have never done. Create an atmosphere of intimacy. Give yourself some gentle foreplay with a massage, a bath, or an erotic movie. Try unconventional positions and acts that you have only dreamed about. Kama Sutra can help you with this process. If you don\’t like too much romance, try something harder and more unconventional. In a place where you can have privacy, of course. In a place where you can have privacy, of course. But there\’s nothing like knowing that someone may be watching and maybe even participating.

The other side of the experimental coin is to use this activity as a bribe. Let\’s agree that having a boyfriend or girlfriend do the cleaning or cooking would be a great experience for both of you to enjoy. Of course, one must keep in mind that this idea will not only bring pleasure to one of the couple, but to both.